Autumn The Aries

Podcaster and Social Media Influencer

Yes, yes. It is me. Autumn the Aries. I am a forever 22 year old transplant living in the Atlanta metro area. I love to travel, go to concerts, you know, just live and be free. You can catch me at a cookout taste testing the chicken, or all dolled up at a fundraiser. Either way, I am out chea in these streets doing something!

Most of you know of me from the foolishness I post on Twitter, and honestly, it was most of YOU that led me down the path to being an influencer. So yes, I am an influencer/creative. Of what you say? Hmmm, let's see:

I am actually a writer. Kinda. I have been writing a book for a good four years now. One day, I'm going to give it to you all!
I am a blogger. Kinda. I have a collection of several blogs that I plan to condense and publish right here!
I am a podcaster. For sure! I love the idea of speaking my thoughts and allowing the world to hear them as they are. Unfiltered.
Most of all, I would like to believe that I am an influencer to my family and friends above everyone else. I have always been the one to move differently. To think outside of the box. To not every want to feel as if I am "stuck" or "idle". And I pray that I have, at the very least, inspired someone within my reach to live their lives the way that THEY want to live. Not their parents. Not their children. Not their religious communities. But to simply follow their hearts!

​So that's me. Your most favorite Aries, and you can find me on just about any social platform under the handle @autumnthearies.