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MAN Willliamz

Recording artist/ entertainer

MAN Williamz is an upcoming independent hip-hop/rap artist with a fresh new voice and style, especially for the Black LGBTQ+ community. As a former dancer and choreographer, Williamz wishes to express himself and his experiences visually through artistic music videos and achingly personal lyrics that resonate with queer people on a spiritual level. His debut single, “MAKEUP” has been out since February 2021and has already hit 100,000+ views on YouTube, which is a promising start for this exceptionally bold and unique artist.

Williamz’s music preserves a political element while being entertaining and enjoyable for the masses. He is vocal about his goals to inspire young, LGBTQ+ artists of color. In his words, “You never know who may be inspired” and that is what motivates him to keep moving forward. Williamz is driven to ensure that queer and POC creatives get the recognition and platform they deserve to have their stories heard. Williamz doesn't shy away from his queerness. His music, dance, and entire existence are activism.

It is quite recently that the Black LGBTQ+ movement has gained accelerated momentum. Even though the music industry has witnessed numerous queer black legends throughout history, their queerness has been swept under the rug and utterly ignored. It is finally time to own diversity in sexuality as part of the identity of black artists. That is what Williamz is striving to achieve with his art. He has embraced his sexuality and turned it into the focal point of his rap music. His lyrics, choreography, and the tone of his music videos all gallantly feature gayness as a critical element.

Originally from the South of Chicago, Williamz is aspiring to go global. The 2020s will surely see this passionate musician blossom and bloom into a worldwide sensation. It is exciting to see Williamz fearlessly embark on this new journey. This is just the beginning of a new chapter.