May 1, 2020

It's LIT!! (ft. Autumn The Aries)

It's LIT!! (ft. Autumn The Aries)

This week I welcome my 1st guest Autumn The Aries!! We discuss Black AF, a live home broadcast gone wrong, and the opening up of states

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all right? Yeah. What's up, everybody? It's youre girl, J. And it's time for another edition of J's Quick 3. Now, um, I'm not used to doing intros because I've never had a guest before, but I have a guest today. So she is the host of one of my favorite new podcasts called Lit Life Podcast. And her name is Autumn The Aries.  So let's welcome in your homes or wherever you are Autumn The Aries to J's Quick 3.

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Hey, thanks for having me on. I'm excited to be here. We've been kind of going back a forth planning  so finally linked up. We

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did. We did, Um, So what we're going to do, we're gonna shake it up a little bit? My audience doesn't know we already talked about this. So what we're gonna do is I'm going to present the first topic that autumn is going to do her topic that she wants us to talk about, and then for the one out end, and then we'll let her have the floor and tell my listeners about the podcasts and all that good stuff. So if you're ready before okay, before I start number three. So I want to tell people anybody who listen to the last episode think it was called winging it e talked about Chloe and Halle and her and how they have these I gs and what they do. Whatever. So I could not have an episode without talking about what happened

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last week. So you're just saying I was telling. I was telling J the other day You are a super stan of these young ladies. They are. They are really good.

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They're so tell Don't get me started. We don't have time for this way. Got time, but Okay, so they have their ideas, right? So her has her girls with guitars That's on It was on Wednesdays. I mean, Mondays. For some reason, she moved it to Wednesday. So, like it's happening tonight as well. But, um, she moved into Wednesday and calling Halle still have their thing on Thursdays or whatever. So anyway, I tuned into hers. Girls get weight guitars and guess who is a host or who is co host in or guest on her girls with guitars. Look, Chloe.

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And how it So you got three of your girl

spk_1:   2:31
lost my home? I like buggin. Like, Seriously, I'm not like I talked to Jeff, who is hers manager. I've tweeting Chloe and Halle. I tweet her. I'm always like Yanni toe work together. You need to do some together like this would be so dope if you did it or whatever. So, yes, they were on their I was late because I was putting up groceries or whatever I was doing. And I just happen to click on because I was like, Oh, crap. You know, her think of starting go on their own. They saying they were talking about the teddy Riley and, uh um that baby baby Fattal. And so they decided to sing. When will I see you again? On the guitar. So going Halle. Of course, they start singing Amazing. And then, um, her tried to join in. But the way idea set up is not yank. That didn't sound, you know perfectly. But just my heart just just just left my body. I

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don't know because I you know, I you know, I m to m a stand out of them. I might as well go ahead to set of Raheem did my legs name because he lists secretly secretly listens to the O. Although I love him And like he's doing, like, this online concert or something for his birthday in 10 days, I'm gonna go ahead and pay for that. I've met him trying, afraid concert This one is Well, isn't that you don't. There's not an amount to pay. You could. It is like a donation. So whatever you wanna pay, you can pay. Oh, if you want to pay a dollar, you compare dollar. Um, I've met him twice. I've seen him in concert, like, four times. I have been on all of his midnight. These he'd been doing these midnight lives on I d. I've

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been on the air

spk_0:   4:23
stock now. I e mailed him by three or four times considered it will be on the show. So, you know, I get it. I'm just I'm just letting you know that I get

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it, Okay? We hear we get Yeah, yeah. No, that was bomb. So I don't know her is gonna have Cheryl Crow on her i g tonight, which is dope, cause Cheryl Crow, all right, and then actually calling a Halle last week had Kelly from Destiny's Child on that love Kelly. She's driving. You see me? Me too. I love love. Love Kelly forever. She's dropped. She dropped her new song Coffee out. Kind of. Yeah. So they talked about that a little bit, But then what? That was dealt. So

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she driving. She dropped that getting them nipples. Oh, did that video?

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Oh, hey, Kelly. But I love her at the same time. I Yes, Yes, Lower. All right. So we'll get into, we'll get into the show. I'm done standing for right. Okay. All right. So my number three this week and y'all I again, a lot of stuff is going on. So I was, like, digging for something to talk about to that, you know, whatever. So I want to talk about this show Black A f

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yes, I want.

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And you find out. Okay, so I have not watched it, but I was, so I can get your take on it. But a lot of people have, um, have said negative things about is a lot of backlash. So I'm just gonna give a little background, and then we can talk about it. So black f for anybody who doesn't know is a show that's on Netflix. It is created by Kenya Barris, who is the creator of blackish grown ish mixed mixed dish. It's hard to say, um, and it pretty much I haven't Like I said, I haven't seen it, but it looks like it's kind of like a tale of showing a lifestyle of like this rich black family seems like it, Um, but people are not liking it because they don't feel like that's a true representation of a black family. So, um, they have issue with Rashida Jones, who plays his wife because they don't know she's black. They think she's white and they're mad about that. Um, they don't, um, like the way the family is made up. And so they think that, um, this family is not a good representation is a lot of light skin people on it. And, um, I guess I'll have you tell me what what you think about the show. But, um, I kind of want to tie in some other things to it. So tell me what you think about the show since you've seen it.

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Okay, So, first and foremost, I have never washed the episode of blackish mix. None of those I've never watched. No way. Bloke ish e I may have. I may have, you know, been like, sitting around and maybe no watch 5 10 minutes of it, but I've never paid attention. But you have to understand that it's happened. Person that stuff. I kind of catch on the stuff later. Like after everybody. Like I'm insecure, you know, saying, like, I know that I was going to, but anyways, um,

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it's an out on insecure Sorry.

spk_0:   7:47
I know. I'm I'm watching. I hear the episodes are, like, really short. So I watching, Um but so I'm at my friend's house and she had this on, and I'm like, Well, what is it? You know, Because she's like, Oh, it's the black F. And I'm like, OK, so everybody been going in on Twitter Riel Hard about how they are, you know, like like you save Rashida Joneses is why passing? First of all, I did not even know. I didn't know she was black. She on the office, You know, the offices

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like See, I don't like I don't watch the office like that, So yes. Okay, I get

spk_0:   8:27
Okay. So I seen her like I and I had no idea that that was Quincy Jones is, uh, whatever. So but anyways, um, yes, it's But But the story is about the guy who actually wrote it. It's his life, which is why it's there. All the riches, makeup, eso it's about his life in particular. And I guess it's just like just a funny spin on it. I thought it was hilarious. I thought it was her Larry's and I tweeted out about it and said, Um because you know, we always got this battle, this android iPhone battle on. I'm like I said, Yeah, fake mad about this show because they all use the Samsung's because it's like he has to be like plugging Samsung like he has to be like some sort of representative for Samsung, because almost every other Excel he's saying something about it. But, um, I thought it was funny. That was hilarious. I mean, it's it's your time. It's your standard sitcom to me. Is is kind of what? Of what you know, just but with those amount of episodes, I thought it was neat. It was funny

spk_1:   9:44
to me. Oh, I'm might check it out. I don't know It just seems like this, like black ish to me, like I know you say you haven't seen it, but that's I think they based blackish kind off his life as well. So maybe Black A F is kind of like Maurin detail What is maybe exaggeration of his life, So

spk_0:   10:05
e. It was like a very lavish is very, very lavish, like if this is a representation of his lifestyle, it's very lavish, but it's on me. It is so it's funny and it in a part of it, is I mean, I guess because it is called Black F. It's like he got he his character is so into, while both of them, him and my are both just so super black and it's oh on her in, You know, again, she's white passing. I think if I remember correctly, I think she says something about that. But it's like she she is trying so hard to make sure that everybody know that she's black. I think it's all OK. It's fun. It's really, really funny to me. So I think some people are just like, Oh my God, here we go again, you know, like more life ski and people in the black thing and it and to one extent, you know, I get it sometimes. But I'm just like, I mean, we black your e I mean real time. And I know that there's privilege. I know that. I know all of these things exist, but I really, really it's really hard for me to digest when we're always just trying to find or find. Not it. Maybe not trying. But just finding something negative about black art, right? I mean, if you okay, either you like it or you don't, But we don't have to just like running into the ground and then just start picking it apart, you know? I mean, like, I don't know, I That's how I feel about it. I mean, there's a bunch of black shows that I haven't watched, or or maybe that I washed a couple and I didn't like it, but I didn't go on, you know, going this whole rant like, oh, and didn't try to find something wrong, like

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right. I get it. But it was cool. So I agree with it, and it's kind of like what I was kind of thinking when I was thinking of this topic is to kind of like dig a little bit deeper, not to, like, find an issue. But this is what I was thinking. So I know that. So first, before I say anything, I don't think anyone can be. You can't dismiss anybody based off the color of their skin. If they're black, they're black. So they if they have a story to tell, they have a story to tell. So we can't say because you're light. You can't speak on it if you're dark, you have, you know, whatever accurate. So I get that. But I do see a lot of shows that when they have a black person on it, it's a light person or mixed race person, all not all the time. And like like you said, I don't watch all the shows so I can't, like, pick and choose and say, this one does this one or whatever, But it's so funny. I was watching. Um have you heard of all American? Do you know what? The

spk_0:   13:05
show? Yeah. Yeah, I actually watched like, the whole first season, but I haven't picked up on the second. It is so

spk_1:   13:11
good. Girls using to that is I love that show. I can't weapons to bring to come out, But

spk_0:   13:18
I feel low, low key, like a cool because I got a crush on a little boy like I think he's sometimes. Which one? Um, the man character. Oh, you like him?

spk_1:   13:27
I like. Well, we call him. It's funny. The light skin one the, um take big son get his name. We call him right in a Because Do you watch a grown ish? No, I told him I seen any of them. OK, So own grown ish. There's ah, there's a guy they think is black, but he's actually white that girls are dating his name. She calls him right in a but his name is Rodney. So he looks like that dude on there. So I called him right name, but anyway, he is so cute to me.

spk_0:   13:56
It is right there be

spk_1:   14:04
over 21 cause if he is,

spk_0:   14:06
I think the lead character is like, 23. He has an accident. Have you heard? Like actually talk girl, like not American? Oh, like injury on everything you you got. Look up my interview looked at one of his And he was on, like, some late show or something. Maybe l a I don't know. He was on something, and I cost the clip. And I was like, You are shit I don't know about because I

spk_1:   14:33
know I don't do whatever you

spk_0:   14:34
want. You are. She may he is so adorable. Why cannot think of a character name right now in any way. He was

spk_1:   14:40
talking about cancer. Spit. Yes, that's right. Yeah. Yes. Yeah, but worry Topic of you talk about the guy. Okay, The American American. Okay, so when we watch because I was doing a Netflix party with my friend, and so we started watching it, and we were just looking and, like both of us at the same time, commented like, it's a lot of light skinned girls, like there's a lot of 1,000,000 girls. Where are the Darst being? People like nobody's near but Spencer and you're right. My anti digs. And then the more I thought about it, I'm like, and I just thought about this, like, yesterday. I'm like, why is it and maybe I'm wrong, but I've just watched this. Why are all like the dark skin? People from Compton and all the light and people from Beverly Hills like It's so weird, like Spencer, Taye Diggs and it all Spencer's family and his dad and

spk_0:   15:36
definitely colors I'm going on here. I mean, there's I mean, I don't I get exactly where you're coming from, by the way. Like, and I don't want it to seem like when I was talking about before, like, I was being dismissive of the of the issue because there's definitely an issue in Hollywood when it comes to I mean, I was looking at, um oh navy today because you know, they want to continue to send you emails through Corrine quarantine like

spk_1:   16:05
you have my email.

spk_0:   16:07
So anyways, I get on there cause I'm gullible. I like oh, Navy and all of the models. So it's so crazy. I'm looking So this, like, you know, you have the lives game out of with the soft, um, very soft curls, curly hair. And then you had another. Maybe like, it was just like a lighter brown, um, skin model, Uh, or maybe a shade darker than that really likes can motto on and their hair. Her hair was kind, of course, but it was still and I'm literally looking at this today like, Oh, hey. And I really ain't got no dark skin girls on here, you know? Well, but here I go, taking it to another level when we get my can't a hand, huh? When you do see dark scam people is typically the man this list is. I was just thinking that Yes, yes, yes. Because even an all American spends just like to say, Spencer in already.

spk_1:   17:14
All the players, all the players on

spk_0:   17:17
Yeah, it was only your right. You're right.

spk_1:   17:22
Even though they were cute, but still

spk_0:   17:24
so I mean so I don't know, but I feel you 100 on that. I Dube I 100% agree that there is an issue. Um, in Hollywood and with representation of a darker skinned actor actress. I want 100 agree with you. But in regards to blackish or black and black I f yeah, this if this because I keep hearing that this was his life. So this is his life. How else is he supposed to portray that? That was my point. Like how it's so. Is he supposed to go and get dark skinned kids to play his life scan Kids world uniting

spk_1:   18:08
Well, I get your Yeah, that

spk_0:   18:09
was That's what I mean about That's what I mean about that. Yeah,

spk_1:   18:13
Yeah, that totally makes sense. And I didn't think about I mean, I read that. They said it was about him in his life. So yet that's his family makeup. That's his family makeup. And you're right that people do sometimes just, like, pull out that hat. And they're like, Oh, what a person is not blah, blah, blah, And they're not dark enough or whatever. But on the other side, I do see that like, I don't I don't clock it all the time. But I will notice it like if I want you in a minute. Just just a lot of like is my friend caused light brights. That's what she called. Yeah, I 100% agree. I mean,

spk_0:   18:50
it's is you would think. I mean, you know, it's 2020 but none of that matters. You would really think that things have changed. Have you ever seen imitation of life?

spk_1:   19:03
Yeah, I'm saying that.

spk_0:   19:05
And that's what it reminds me. What? Every time I see stuff like this or have a conversation like this about these type issues. It reminds me of the young lady on imitation of life and how she just wants TB White. She did not, you know, cabinet. She was not right having it so But, you know, it's crazy.

spk_1:   19:26
Speaking of that, if you have not seen imitation of life itself an old movie like I watched it when I was a kid, so it was ancient. But it's a good movie. If

spk_0:   19:35
you have a night washed imitation of life, I need that. That's like homework. It's You have to have to watch this movie. And there's his worry. I think there's two versions of it.

spk_1:   19:49
I don't know. It was two versions of honey theory. Maybe it was original out of my mom. Maybe not made me watch it, but she had it and we were watching a window. So Okay, well, huh? So to wrap that up, black A f a f is funny. It's about Kenya. Barris is life. But we do have an issue with you know, that colorism situation. So I mean, I don't know if it will ever change. I don't know if we will do better. Like insecure. Don't even know. You said you haven't seen it. Doesn't. Really. Obviously Isa is a chocolate Girls. He has every from lights too dark everything. And she is a good show. Um, hi. I'm a Davis is the star of how to get away with Murder on If you seen that.

spk_0:   20:38
You know what? I have not seen like the I think. What is it? Season six is that the last year

spk_1:   20:43
were in season six. Right now? Yeah,

spk_0:   20:44
I haven't I don't think I've seen any of season six years. I have to go back, I think

spk_1:   20:49
to We're down to two. I think it's two more episodes left. So you gotta watch it before you get spoilers. You can't, right? Yeah, I have to. I think that this weakness that's all we have for our number three. So you want to lead us into the number two? I'm laughing already. Lord, I don't even know. See, I don't know what that we did not discuss what these topics we're going to be. So I don't know what I'm about to get into,

spk_0:   21:16
and it my go kind of fast, but so Okay. Just like you said, You know, we're scouring the Internet tryingto figure out something to talk about it on my show. I typically don't where I tripped. I typically try to stay away from, like, news, period. You know, it's a any type of those, right? But I took a page out of Chris from shenanigan shenanigans with friends, podcast and Google. You know? Look, look for like, some I'd news, and that's what she does. Like if you've ever heard her, I list her pilot air. You should have the wire. It is of great Larry about the Chris, but, um, still I Google and I'm like, this does say so. The name of the article it is. Okay. Wait. How should I start this? I don't even want to go with the neighbor article. Um, okay, let's go here. So, you know, you know, everybody's been working from home. Uh, you know, people have been on, you know they do. Um ah. WebEx call, You know, conference calls. You know, everybody's complaining conference causing people having to turn on their their video. Like I've worked from home over two years and I've never turned that video one. They better not asked me to. People are you know, they're so all of these, like zone videos are going around on the Internet. And I don't know if you saw the one where the girl was on Zuma. She had her phone and she put the phone down, but she went to use the bathroom. Did you see that?

spk_1:   22:49
Was it a white girl? Yes. Yes, I saw it.

spk_0:   22:54
Our rolling. Anyway. So to say what years of my little topic, OK, Christopher Reeve. Remember Chris for wheat reefs? Superman? Yeah, His son is a reporter. Um, that reports it does little stories on, like, Good Morning America. I don't know if he's like a news anchor or something, somewhere to somewhere, but he reports in, you know, to stuff to Good morning America. Uh, they're doing the topic, you know, they're all or the majority of them are, like out at home, too, and, you know, turn on the news. Now you'll see people in the middle of their living rooms or whatever. Right? So he's going through this story and telling the whole story girl he has on a a shirt with the blazer. Hang on. No pants on. He said, Wait a minute. Hey, said he had on short, like workout shores. But everybody else, like it looks like a pair of just like men Boxers is what it looks like to me. But he was on

spk_1:   23:59
the like on air,

spk_0:   24:02
so but Okay, so initially, initially, you can't you couldn't really see is like cause you know how they put the little banner down at the bottom. So they had a little bit her down at the bottom, and he's talking, talking, talking. And then they went cut toe a video. It was about, I want to say it was about, like, the CBS drones that are delivering like, um, you know, maybe it's two people, whatever. And when they came back, the banner was either gone or or it had moved. And all you see is him sitting on like a stool and just, you know, he got the whole but enough shirt with the blaze or tie every girl or nothing has drawn little. I draws to me a little. I draw is that it was just workout short. Like I hope. I hope everybody got a good laugh. Out of the way briefs. Thanks. This is Zach. When you send you the link, I Yeah, I think that in a mix of oddest crazy this go Roy. It is funny to see stuff like that because people just know. It's funny to see that even people who we think just have it together so much together that they make mistakes like this. And it was harmless, you know, And it wasn't like he exposed himself or anything like that. But I just It was just funny when I saw that when I was like, This is the one I'm gonna talk about. That's funny,

spk_1:   25:30
because I don't know what I was. I don't know if it was Twitter or Instagram, but officers like scrolling today, and I saw it was either a member something or maybe it was about to be a video that I just didn't watch it, but it says something like, at least I have pants on and it showed that site, so I didn't know what that was, but that must be what it is because he was wearing, like, blue or black or

spk_0:   25:50
something. It was so funny. Some have descended. Only I I just felt like it was kind of just like a break from breath of fresh air. Type of ah knew

spk_1:   26:01
so. Very. We need that. I'm about to bring some more, miss. Okay, So bring them in. I know we don't necessarily want to talk about this, but because I heard you on your partner can say you don't like to talk about Rhona issues Big, Big Ronna or like what? Would ah Tamra say now you think grown a She said bear Verona like saying bitch. But not saying it again. Yeah, her being wrong. Standing hook. Right? So my number one this week is I was gonna do a rant, but I'm probably not gonna do that is

spk_0:   26:43
get off today Coal Sigh and everything I'm loved. This

spk_1:   26:48
is the opening up of these states, right? So I'm in Texas. You're in Georgia, So both of our governors are a big tripping right now? No, I don't really know what's going on in Georgia. You can let me know in a second, but in Texas, so I don't even know where to start. Yes. So let's see last. So on Monday, I think it was I don't know. He made an announcement saying that um he was gonna open up. Maybe it was last Monday or something. He was gonna open up stores to go only so I was like, I'm tweeting him. I'm like, what is to go means to go for restaurants, not for retail stores. And somebody tweeted me back and was like, Well, it means that they will bring the stuff out to your car or they can deliver, but you can't go inside the store. So I was like, OK,

spk_0:   27:42
like the current size, sir, Curbside. He could have just said

spk_1:   27:45
curbside. He's somewhat to go anyway, So I was, like, kind of on edge about it because I work in retail. I've said this before and my store is never closed because we're considered essential. And I feel like, Well, before I get to that, So I work in retail. That's it. And so they did this to go. Actually, the a funny thing happened. I was at work and I had snagged my pants on something, and so I had a small ripping it room. By the time I get known work and I had, like, a full rip in my pants sounds like man, I gotta go get past. I have to get past, but I don't know where to go because I tried to order online from Own A because that's where I get my stuff from. But they weren't they didn't have my size of whatever saw I'm going to see on this Friday when they opened up for to go or whatever, curbside if I could order Pan. So I did get It was really easy, whatever. So I was like, Oh, if it's like this, then is not that bad, you know, except for the people that have to come to work because you don't know who has what X Maybe it won't be that bad. Well, this happened Friday, right? So on Monday, he ounces, which is just today's Wednesday. So a few days ago, he announces that as of this Friday, May 1st, which is my mom's birthday, shout out to my mom even though she doesn't listen, Mom. But, um, they're gonna open up. So I wrote this down so I can get it right there over it up. Restaurants, movie theaters, the mall and all retail stores are open for the public to go in. He's saying that it can only be 25% capacity. Unless you live in a rule county where you don't have that many cases, you can open up to 50% he said. That you, he encourages everyone to wear a mask that's out. But he can't make you wear a mask because there's no law says in Santa. You have to make that. You have to wear a mask. Meanwhile, Houston is like You can do that if you want to, but I'm finding $1000. If you do not wear Masses, we're not playing around here. So he had addicted, I guess. The judge in Houston. What? Because Houston has had a lot of cases? I think Houston has had the most cases in Texas, and Ben is Austin in Dallas, I think the bigger cities. And so here's my thing about this is OK, so you're gonna open stuff up. You just did this to go thing Friday, so you haven't even given it a full weeks to see if any of the workers are going to be. If you know, affected by all this, you're just ready to open up. We have in Texas. We've only tested about 1%. And maybe that the data that I looked up is late. So I must say, 2% right about maybe 293 100,000 people. Maybe around it is 28 million people in Texas, so three hunt. You know, whatever 300,000 people isn't is nothing. It's

spk_0:   30:53
2% right? So how can you

spk_1:   30:56
make an informed decision? And he's saying, like, Why have all these doctors around me and we're making the best decision for the people. And I feel like we've had our spike in Texas and it's just not, you know, we're okay. Even at our highest point, we had enough hospital bids and we had in a villain ventilators, and we were OK, so I feel like this is a good decision to make.

spk_0:   31:17
You didn't even give it

spk_1:   31:18
time. We what? I don't know what other job or anything that you go up 2% of a result and then make a decision off. That, like that doesn't make one bit of sense at all to me,

spk_0:   31:34
they make the decision based off of the fact that they're not trying to pay all these people unemployment. Oh, Yeah. So where did the exact I almost want to say to a T did the exact same things? I think that let's see, So Thursday only see, Friday they opened up. And this is what this was just tweeted about this so many times. It was just hilarious to me. They said, like the the barber shop, you know, salons, Nils Nell shops. Um, poopie will do well, but when he said bowling alleys the bowling alley, what is that, like specifically saying Bowling Alley, I said, Is this man is governor Isn't cleaning money through these bowling alleys? Like, did he have to stay Bowling alley so that you know, whoever he cleaning his money for, uh, here's him and understands that business is about to be back at usual, like bowling alleys, like who's bowling running out like did we were absolutely, positively have to be talking about polling right now like bowling alleys like, so you mean to tell me all of the league's about this start up on Friday like they I just I mean, I have already scenario

spk_1:   32:54
they've been right, him saying we need to get back to bowling now.

spk_0:   32:58
I'm like you have got to be kidding me, but whatever. And then Monday, some other stuff up. You know, I I stopped paying ah, whole lot of attention to, like, thes, um, news conferences or whatever from the governor and the the one do in the White House. Um, I stopped listening to them after Governor Kim halfway closed Georgia that before they did the fool shut. Now he did some most stupid like, uh, just don't be in in the house, you know, just don't be in a in with more than 10 people thing. And where next, like it was, it was really relaxed. And then anything that kind of happened in Texas, the mayor of Atlanta, occasionally his bottoms was like, We're closing city of them is closing. Everybody on shorts are in place. Shelter in place will start X day. And the governor was I Hold on, hold on, hold on. That me? You know, let me do my first conference first, and then you. So he went did the press conference where he halfway shut everything down. And you know, because he didn't want her. You should have a right to do it. She'll go. Do so I mean, it's just so after that. After that particular incident, I, um I was like, to hell with governor camp because, I mean, I was kind of every there, but it was just like I'm not watching it or like if I see it, it'll be because it's tweeted or whatever, what have you? But yet it's the same thing. So then today I think it was today I saw a tweet that said over the weekend, we had 200 plus additional cases, Um, as of like today or whatever, but from the week and people are like, Oh, and you're outside and I'm like, This ain't even from the people from over the weekend, right? I'm saying, like everybody, that one. I've seen videos I've seen to video so far of people in Atlanta at Parks, just like shoulder to shoulder, like it's not a park like is not smell. I don't like why. It just doesn't even make any sense. To me, it makes no sense. So when when the stats come back next week, like I must say, Actually, I I am. I'm a watch for the next two weeks. I think what the Spike is going to be because it's definitely gonna be one. There's definitely gonna be and it's like they don't care, because money, everything has to do with their money, not even ours. They're mud, you know, saying so it's It is So it's so stupid and the protesters like, don't play. Don't be out your protests and with a mask on that is to me. You know, I'm saying you don't want to get sick, but you want to be out protest and then making sure that everybody else gets sick because you need to be way to handle foot on like you can't do whatever it is the hill you need to do to to live your life like we are in the house, bro. We every last one of us are in the house. We're all tired in the house. We want to go to the coffee shop. We want to go tomorrow. We want to get our nail here and nails and hair done. We want to go do all these things, but people are dying by the thousands, like is dead leaving daily. Okay. One thing to I don't know if I've ever even said this on my podcast, but I want to be a nursing home administrator. Okay, that's what I want to do. Actually, I want to own my own nursing home and and watching the stories about the nursing homes and what's going not necessarily in me in, you know, mainly in the inner city Nurse hollering, you know, were re. Sources are limited. These people are losing their love ones wail before they should. And it's so sad. So it's already so. And these are the things that people are are not really thinking about when it comes to this virus, like, you know, we and and I understand that, you know, we think about ourselves. We think about our friends. We think about our friends family. But we don't think about like the extreme things like people who, um, are, uh, are blind or people who are dead, you know? I mean, I don't think about people in jail. We'll think about artista. But in seeing the stories of these older adults in these facilities, they already don't want to be there. Uh, some of them are, Can't even remember nothing. You know, 11 minute they know something the next minute they don't. It's already. It's already stressful enough on these families. You know what I'm saying? Because that's another thing that people don't think about. They don't think about the actual families that have the people in the nursing homes and to see, like, I think there was. Why here what? I had like 17 bodies just in just chilling in the nursing home, because resource is, I mean and how they just can't get these Pete that get the people in the nursing homes, test it. They're not quarantine in them. Good enough. Or however you want to say it like because of all because of limited resource is, uh and it's sick of me. Like I I've tweeted like four or five times like as bad as I wanna be a nursing home administrator. I'm a low key, glad that I'm not want right in this moment because I would I would be so devastated. I will be as an administrator and as the person the one sole person in this facility that is basically oversees everything. And I'm losing people because I'm not only am I losing, you know the resonance there, but I'm losing staff of course, because of the resident, Never the staff have it. And I'm losing all these people because of lack of resource is yeah, And in that and read this, the thing

spk_1:   39:39
with with Governor Abbott is this dude, that's where anyway, he he get on TV about a month ago, like right when everything was bubbling up and happened and he was like, Texas has unlimited amounts of money. Were just We have so much money we can buy. All these tests were just waiting on the product we can get, like all these resource is and stuff. We just have plenty of money, but we don't have enough test like from one of reading is that people say they can't go get a bunch of test now. Houston, I think Houston, Austin, Because they have such big big increases in their cases, they started, like the trend of having like, the drive through testing. And I know, um oh, what's her name? Sheila Jackson Lee. If I'm not mistaken, I might be wrong. She's a congresswoman from Houston. She and the other that is her. She, like, work with some people and they have, like, free testing for anybody who wants in, like certain parts of Houston and things like that. So that's a good thing. So certain parts are They're doing there part to try to get it But Texas as a whole because there's a lot of rule parts of Texas, not just like fittings. Um, they're just They don't have this stuff so out.

spk_0:   41:03
Same here sometime in here, putting

spk_1:   41:05
this out here. So I I went and got tested yesterday because, okay, I work in retail. My anxiety, like I'm not saying my therapist right now, so I need to be because it is. My mind's going crazy, but I'm like getting sick and tired. And I talked about this on my last episode of like, I just feel like my company is doing like the bare ass minimum of anything to help us out is like, I understand they're more concerned about their company and how to make money. I get all that, but as a person with asthma and I already have respiratory issues, I just don't. I want to be around a bunch of people, and my boss is doing whatever he can to try to keep me away, and I feel for him because it's a bunch of people toe have issues, and I feel like I kind of feel bad because I'm like, second in command. And I shouldn't have this special treatment when my Karen years or whoever is like on the front line, it's up. But at some point, I have to, like, think about my health as well. Absolutely So I call my doctor and I was like, Well, I set up an appointment. We did like a tele. I don't know what they call it telehealth, whatever. So you have to go in. Yeah, and I was like, Look, I need to have a test. I don't have the symptoms, but I need to have a test. What do we need to do? Like tell me what you know how to get a test. Tell me what that entails. Tell me if I can't get it. Says why not? Like, I need to know every single thing about what you know, so I can be informed and you know, of course, he asked me all these questions. He was just like, Do you have shortness of breath? And I'm like, Well, yeah, because I have asthma and my allergies have been really bad. And I don't have my inhaler. So I need a refill on that because my inhalers out and also my anxiety is probably causing a lot of it yet to build up. So, yes, I have shortness of breath. Do you cough? I cough. 24 73 65. I have allergies like that's just the way it is. OK? Do you have a fever? No, I don't have a fever. And he's like, Well, I think it's It's probably allergies and your asthma. He was like, I'm going to give you this prescription and give you inhaler And he was like, Why do you want to take a test as I? Because I work in retail. We never closed. I'm exposed to I don't know how many people a day. I don't know who my my employees have been around. I don't know who these customers have been around. I've seen people openly coughing and just not they don't care, cause I don't believe that is actually something is happening. Um, so I just think I should be tested. I like, I think I need it for my sanity because I'm literally starting to go crazy. And he was like, OK, that's enough, like you can do. And I was like, Are you serious? Like, Yeah, he was like, I'll write it up right now. You go. We have a drive up thing. You go to the drive up and they'll do it. And I was like, Okay, um, is there a wait? And he was like, No, there's no wait. You just come right now. So I drove up. There was nobody there. I did. It took five minutes. It hurts. No, you know

spk_0:   44:11
what, do they stick some up your nose like, Have you

spk_1:   44:14
ever had a strep test before? Yeah, it's like strip times, like four today. Okay, this Ah, what do you call a Q tip, but way he says you have to go up where the nose meets the throat. So I've never only good, and I was already stuffy and stuff from my allergies. Anyway, he stuck that bank up there. I'm like, immediately crying like my eyes are tearing up. I'm going crazy. And he's like, Well, you can't squint your eyes because you're closing your passage markkaa, and I'm like, Well,

spk_0:   44:49
what do you want me to do? I was like, How long is this gonna take you

spk_1:   44:51
like? It won't take long. Just stop. Squint is I, like stop. He does. It takes about five minutes. And he said, What? The results will come back long. Like like the old saying, the whole thing. I'll drive up to leave or whatever.

spk_0:   45:05
I'm over here like eyes, water and air. No, the sticking

spk_1:   45:09
up the nose is like a few seconds and whatever. Oh, so he said, OK, we did it is gonna take a few. It's going to take a few days to get your results. And so I asked them about the antibody because there's an exciting one. And I'm like, OK, where's that at the O that loader and have him like, Give me this thing. He was like, Well, we don't have that yet. They're still testing it. Um, we're trying to see how the accuracy of it is. He's like it'll probably be available either next week or the week after. Sounds like OK, I'll be back in two weeks and whatever. So he did it, Um, I did this yesterday at 3 45 let me tell you, I was freaking nervous. Like I'm army. I'm a nervous person already. Told you I was nervous to even do this podcast. So I'm just nervous person. Just just That's my body makeup. I was like sweating bullets like, Oh, my God. I don't know. I have this, like, if I have it, maybe I'm just a carrier. And then, like Emily already gonna put me on the villain later on. My God, my family's in Phoenix. They're not gonna be. It'll come see me like what's gonna happen is going to take care of my dogs. Like I'm just thinking about this stuff freaking out, breaking out. But 10. 30 today I got an email and I get the tests. It was negative, but it came back less than 24 hours. So I don't know how it is. And I don't know if it's because I live in a small town now in my town on the right outside of Austin, because it's cheaper to live outside Austin. Um, I live. It's a like 43,000 people. I think it is in my town, we actually have the highest number of cases in my county. I think it's like right now is 87 I think which is not huge, but it is higher than anybody else in our count. In our little were considered, like the little rule towns or whatever, but, um so I think they've ramped up the testing and stuff because of that, so I can appreciate that. And like I say, I don't open Nestor because I'm in a small town is not a lot of people, but I will say I want I don't know why this can't be is easy everywhere else in Texas or any other state like people need to be tested. We cannot, like, go off of one or tour. We need to be at 40 and 50% in order to make an informed decision on if we're gonna open up anything because you don't know what you have, and just because I don't have it today doesn't mean I'm not going to catch it because I'm still going to work with people that don't know they have it. They haven't been tested. Some of them can't be. I had a lady that told me she tried to go in a neighboring city, and they just they're not They're not doing it. Unlike

spk_0:   48:01
I have the same issues, though, Like I I, too am asthmatic. I cough ah, have very bad allergies, especially now because of the Pailin pop here is like 20 times worse than it is of North where I'm from. Um, so yeah, like I and then to you hear you hear so much about this, right? It's like it's like I can't remember what it's called. But it's like when you start to think that you have the symptoms like I like I have I have about just random body aches. The This is on the day that I haven't worked out Hyman on direct. Is that what you're talking about? What it iss? Well, that's when you just That's when you think you have everything you have everything it but it's like I can think about is called. But anyway, like you just start to. I was having his headache, this very dull headache in the back of my head handling his headache about So I'm putting too little together like Hoppin cough Lord, you know, saying it is like we're also freakin paranoid, like right and end it for good reason. You know what I mean? Like nobody. We've seen the, um you know, we've seen how they just, you know, you go to the hospital, they put you on a ventilator. You don't know if you're gonna wake up or not. You know, like your family doesn't note again. Like you said, You you know who's gonna who's gonna take care of your dogs? Who was going to come and make sure that you're okay? I'm away from home to you know, it is me. So when I tell you, I'm right there with you, I'm right there with you. But I'm glad that your test came

spk_1:   49:47
back negative. And now we're glad to me, girl, I was

spk_0:   49:51
crushed. But that antibodies test like that's what we need. And a part of me feels like a part of me. Feels like everybody should be to like. It should be like, you know, mandatory for everybody to be tested right now. Like, just like they send us the senses in

spk_1:   50:13
the mill. You know what I mean? Like something saying you

spk_0:   50:17
need to be, You know, here's 33 different times that you could show up the test. Take less than five minutes, you know, And you could

spk_1:   50:24
be on your way.

spk_0:   50:25
I also known and why? And again, I'm not a scientist, nor, ah, doctor and nothing. But I understand why they can't just draw some damn blood. Like, Why do we have to do all that was uncovered? And I do

spk_1:   50:38
not want to do that again. I'll do it if I have to. But that was like, No, my I was like my nose closed up the rest of the day, and I was just, like, draining like it was just bad the rest

spk_0:   50:49
of the night and everything else, but I won't click on the video. They have videos. There's there are videos of what the test is like.

spk_1:   50:57
And I don't know, I didn't even know anything about that. Yeah, I missed that. So I don't know. Look, I just I'm irritated. That is open. I feel like because we are relaxing these these rules and regulations. That is only good. I mean, there's a lot of people who, like, still don't believe who still don't think they can get anybody sick or still don't think that they can get sick and it's kind of like I don't know if Catch 22 is the word, but it's like I Of course, I don't want people to get sick, like I don't want us to have a spike, but I feel like people are not gonna learn a lesson. So that happens. So I feel like there's gonna be another like

spk_0:   51:37
learning. Then I learned the initiative is longest. They don't, long as it doesn't affect them. Them they're not, is they? They go was gonna be what it is. It has to hit direct directly home for some people. That's so it was not home in me that I mean, either them or someone in their immediate circle. So this is it. This is a shame. I'm

spk_1:   52:04
not going anywhere. And I never tell my friend like we used to every Friday go to this restaurant called Gloria's, have happy hour and then just bar hopping till two or 3 a.m. And I'm like, I'm not a Miss Shaw, but I'm not doing it. I'm sorry, I'm not doing it. So even if they're opening Ah, not doing in that look, my birthday's in June. If we keep it up. I'm not going to celebrate my birthday. I'm really gonna be pissed up about

spk_0:   52:27
me to go on a rant about my birthday, about how we're supposed be in Vegas.

spk_1:   52:30
I heard it. Heard

spk_0:   52:32
it like I mean, and I mean, I live along, you know, saying like I already work from home and my only, you know, thing to do I would I would leave the house after I was working. So no, like, the only way I could really leave the house is if I go to the grocery store. What I've been doing is like on Fridays, I go to Smoothie King because you know, they have that $5 a smoothie or whatever. I'll go to small decay, and I'll just see in the parking lot with the windows now, like I mean, it's Oh, but I'm used to go into, like, sitting at a coffee shop. Ah, you know, sometime I'm I'm not even necessarily a window shopper, but I'll go to the mark just to walk around just to be, or just 1/2 some human interaction without again. I didn't long and I would just, you know, whatever. I get tired into here. So don't taking those things away from me. Just those small things or, you know, taking myself to eat or whatever. It really has been horrible. Now I will. You know, now that they have lifted the shelter in place, you know, I will go maybe see a friend or, you know, let a friend come over my house or something like that. Just one person, you know, maybe to wound. But I don't even clowning. But they got no two people that I like. Like that, you know, I think All right. So I have, you know, maybe I know a person come over. I'll go see to someone's house or something like that. Now that the shelter in place is is lifted. But to be in a crowd, like to be with, like, five or more? No, no, do it. I'm not gonna do

spk_1:   54:07
it. I don't know. I'm sure I'll be ranting about this on my next episode because I just feel like something else is gonna, like, set me off. So I'm not

spk_0:   54:17
going to

spk_1:   54:18
I'm not gonna keep dwelling on it. So that's all I have to say about that topic, so

spk_0:   54:24
I don't really go ahead. I got businesses and I meant to say it, isn't it? Begin in a show. I love your show. And I know I told you this before. Yeah, I love your show of the format of your show. So here's the thing. It's so hard to get a decent for May. Just if you listen to like my efforts. I have, like, 40 episodes. You listen to my they're all over the room. I know. Oh, or met. But toe have an actual format. Um, you're the quick three, and typically it is pretty quick. You know what I mean? Your argument. You know, 30 and 45 minutes or whatever. Um, I think it's it's fantastic. I think you get straight to the point and is like, you have all your thoughts in order. Like I could have all my thoughts in order and haven't written down. And I'm steel ain't going Teoh. I wouldn't want to say that. I really, really And I'm not saying that just because I'm on your show, I really do enjoy your show. And I'm so glad that I was able to be your first guest. They used perhaps what um I don't think you were gonna eggs me.

spk_1:   55:35
I was just going to tell people, like, where to find you? Your social media is your whatever. Whatever you want to say.

spk_0:   55:42
So mainly you could find me a little later acting a yeah at Autumn Airy's, uh and then I am on instagram at Autumn the airy's I have a YouTube channel at autumn, the areas that basically awesome, awesome. The areas is the actual brand in the podcast is underneath the the brand. So but on Facebook that I hate and I'm never on, we're not supposed to, you know, like I have like a fan page on there, and it's at Lit Life podcast where I just post the same stuff that I post on the other stuff and did not see my way out. Find me there and I have a website. Www di autumn the areas dot com Ah, you could find my podcast lit life podcast basically anywhere that you string your podcast modified Google apple podcasts, stitcher wherever cool. That's I heart radio because Pandora, Pandora indoor look life I cast on Pandora because they straight up told me that I don't know what you? As a matter of fact, I'm glad I thought about that, cause I'm gonna email them again. Like I know you know, all these other people podcast on down put life podcast. So forget him. Shout out toe ir radio. I Am I all right? No,

spk_1:   57:09
I thought about that when I was getting ready. Like I just got on stitcher, But I was looking at Pandora, and I remember listening to one of your efforts cells of

spk_0:   57:20
being off like And the thing is, because I have made emailing him it have been weeks and then all of a sudden they come back like, No, we ain't No, we said no. Oh, yeah, I mean anymore, Leo. That's what it is because you are drying up. So I am. I'm me mellonfnc what they say. But no, I'm

spk_1:   57:43
not. And butter. So forget I'm boycotting Pandora to until they let you under, so I'm not even gonna try. All right, So that's all we have, or that's all I have this week. So again, thank you guys for tuning in. You know where to find me. Jay's quick three dot bus. About that calm as my dog is growling in the background, but yeah, hit me up and I hope you guys listen up you go listen to her podcast like I said before, and thank you for listening. And we'll see you later. Peace.