April 3, 2020

Clap For 'Em

Clap For 'Em

I took some time this week to shout out some people who deserve it and of course I had to throw a rant in there too!

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What's up? Y'all should Girl J. Now many of you guys don't know this, but I'm a huge gadget girl. So anything new in technology, I'm all about it. I want to know what's going on from smartphones to things for your car or things for your home. So that's why I decided to partner with Smart home, and we have a pretty good deal for you guys. So many of us may be looking to simplify our lives, and a lot of you are whether it's planning, are weak or just remembering when our appointments are smart, Home can help you with it. They provide everything from personal assistants like Google Home or Alexa, which I have both to automatic lighting systems and security cameras like Ring for Your Home. Their products are affordable, easy to program devices that communicate over your home's existing wiring or over radio frequency signals, meaning your appointments are always remembered and that your house is always safe Now, as a thank you for listening to my podcast, you can use the discount code hashtag quick 10 at check out for 10% off on their website smart home dot com that is the hashtag symbol. Qu i ck the number one and the number zero at check out. Get that 10% off. You can follow them at Smart Home on Instagram and at Smart Home EQ on Twitter. You get all that good. Now let's start the show. You know what is up? Everybody? It should Girl J. And it's time for another edition of Jay's Quick three. Now I hope everyone out there is safe and healthy, and you're not going to crazy being stuck in the house. And those of us who are still out there working, being kind of like on the front lines, I guess you can say were essential workers. I just want to shout you guys out because, um, you guys are doing a stand up job still coming to work, and that's from everyone. That's doctors, nurses, health care providers, people that work in retail as's faras, like the grocery stores and the convenience stores, gas stations. I mean, liquor stores are open. Any store that is open right now that it's serving customers shout out to you guys because you are putting. I mean, essentially putting your life on the line to, you know, make sure that everyone has the things that they deemed to be essential, that they can get it and get home safe to their families. So this is very weird. Very weird time. And, you know, I don't know. It's not a whole lot I can say about it, but, you know, just thank you for everyone that is just doing your part. So shut out to you guys, and, um, we're just gonna go ahead and get started with shells, So here we go. So this is my number three for this week. So I don't know if you guys have heard of this. Well, maybe you have cause everybody's on the Internet right now because of quarantine and things like that. But there is a challenge out here called. I think I didn't even look it up outside on the news. A challenge called the Corona Virus Challenge. And what it is is that these people are going around licking things like public things like handles or rails or toilets, like what is wrong with jaw like seriously, like this is ridiculous. Like, this is just beyond stupid. I don't understand. I'll get what level of loneliness that You have to be at to feel like you need to do something. This dress stick just to get people to I don't know, respond to your your posts, because are you looking for likes? Are you looking for retweets? Are you looking to go viral? Like what? What is wrong with you? That you need this attention this bad? Like you need to go talk to somebody. At this point, you need to go talk to someone. I understand that social media is a hell of a drug like it produces certain endorphins, just like working out or some drugs and things like that. As far as like making you feel good or you you think that you're feeling good because you get all this attention. Maybe that you're not getting in real life for So when you do certain things, you get all this attention. No matter if it's negative or positive. But you need to go see somebody. You need to talk to somebody. There's an app called talk space. They don't They did not sponsor me. I'm just saying I've heard about it. Go see them. You can talk to them on your phone. You can text them because you need some special kind of tension for you to go to some public restroom, have someone film you lick the side or whatever they were doing to this time. I don't even watch it cause I saw him getting ready to stick his tongue out to lick this bowl. And I just turned it off like who wants? Who does that and why? And if it is viral, why's it viral? I get some point. We have to stop, like, add and fuel to the fire. Because if we don't pay attention to people like this, then they'll stop doing it. Because I just It just I don't get it. I don't understand that. Like, why do you need that much attention? Like I know it feels good to get some likes like, Oh, I made this post and, you know, 500 people liked it like I get it. I understand it. Like I've made post to that somehow went viral, maybe like a baby viral like I haven't had anything go more than I don't know, 5000 likes or something like that. But it feels good when you keep saying like all something that I actually put where I put out there someone likes and you know, it makes me feel good. But in reality, like what I was talking about, what I posted was probably and most of it, to be honest, was you know, me tweeting about her or about Chloe and Halle, and it just picked up steam or something like that. But it wasn't anything personally to me, so yeah, I liked that. I was like, people were liking that and it was going viral. But it doesn't. I guess it doesn't do anything to me personally. Like I can walk out of my house. No one cares that I sent that tweet out, you know, and I don't. I just I get This is how the world is and people are famous and make money based off how much engagement they have on the certain posts. That no instagram, That's how a lot of these influences how it became an influence situation is because they have so many followers and they do get so much engagement. So these companies reach out to them because they know this person. A lot of people will like or respond to their post. Let me let them have, you know, pay them money for them to talk about my drink or talk about my clothes or talk about this or whatever. So I get that, But I just There just has to be in line. This is dumb. We're going through a pandemic Global's crisis right now dealing with this and this is what you want to do. Like this is what? How you want to spend your time licking stuff and I don't know if this is true. Could be a rumor. But whoever this dude was that licked the toilet bowl. Apparently he tested positive for Corona. I don't know if that's true or not. I'm not even doing any research on because I think the whole thing stupid. And the thing is, I don't wish Corona on anybody. But if you're just out there daring yourself to catch it, then uh, I'm okay. It was just, I guess, meant to be because, like, that doesn't make sense to me. Just like if you are thrill seek seeker. And you like jumping in front of trains and jumping across tracks to see if you can beat the train and you happen to get killed by a train hitting you, then? I mean, what are we supposed to do with that? Like if you put yourself in that danger, then I mean, there's a possibility that that thing is gonna happen to you. So I'm just confused. I just don't get it. And I'm not blaming. I'm not going to say this generation is whatever. Like, I'm not blaming any certain generation that people that are doing it are stupid. And no matter what generation you come from those no matter what your age is, if you're licking public, it doesn't even matter. If it wasn't even Corona virus happened right now, just in general, maybe because I just don't like public. Like I can't go into a public bathroom unless I really need to go. And then I'm like, Where's the toilet paper? Where's this? I'm not touching anything. I'm like, I just want to get done what I'm doing and go and watch my hands. And I just don't want to be in there. And the fact that you lit a public toilet bowl, I Come on, dude, I don't That makes no sense at all. You just wanted attention and hell, I guess you get it. It just doesn't. It is ridiculous to me. I don't get it. Is just like what was happening. Was it last year when all these people were like licking the ice cream from these grocery stores and like, putting it on TV or being putting it on on social media and people like liking it And, yeah, it was going viral. Why would you do that? What is so funny about? Let me take some ice cream out licking and put it back in, And then maybe that person may not know that I like their ice. What? What joy comes out of that and what sick individuals like that so much that they have. You know, they're there, retweeting it or re posted on her instagram or liking it. And then they think it's funny. So they go out and do it, too. Like what? You know, I could speak all day about these challenges because there's been stuff that people were dying from. Setting themselves on fire or hurting themselves or eaten tide pods is just that I It is beyond me. I was that age once, and yeah, we did some stupid things back in our day. All kids do crazy things. But it was just never to this level. And to be honest, we were just, I don't know, being stupid, But it wasn't anything like this. And then to record it and have everyone see like I would be embarrassed and I'm licking a toilet bowl. Like what? Who raised you, man? Look, that's all. That's all I have to say about that one quick thing, though, Why we're talking about this, the Corona virus. I want to send a P s a out to people who don't believe that this thing, Israel, or feel like people are blowing it out of proportion and, you know, to appoint. Yes, some people are taking it a little too far, like you don't have to be hysterically going crazy. But if there is a person that doesn't want to stand close to you like, say, no more than three feet, if there's a person that doesn't want you touching them or they don't want to touch you, they don't want to really have any physical contact with you because of this. And I'm talking about strangers. So if you're in a store and you come walk up to me and I back up. Don't be mad at me because I backed up reason. I'm saying this. I was at work today and some guy could were still open. Some guy comes up and he's like, Had Can I ask you a question? I'm not sure what's up and he comes up close to me. So I back up and he looks at me. He's like, Well, he was like, I don't have a fever And I said, OK, OK, I'm still backing up. Like what? What does that mean to me? And then he says, Well, he asked the question. And then he says, No, really, I'm not sick Like I know he's like I can tell you like, don't want to be close to me but I'm not sick and I said, OK, that's fine, but I'm keeping my distance. That's all I said to him cause I don't feel like getting into it. I just want to answer his question and move on. But my thought process is, and later on he found somebody else and they were talking in the story. He's like shaking his thanks guys hand and touching all over him. I guess trying to make a point or something like that. I don't know what he was doing. I just wanted him to get out of my store. But the thing is, he was kind of making a big deal because he made a joke later about how I'm gonna have to spray everything down after he leaves or whatever, because I'm paranoid or something like that. He didn't say me specifically. He was saying us in the store and, you know, I damn sure did. I got my life song and I went right down where he was at after he was done and sprayed. You know, the lice all in that area because this is the thing. You may not think you have it, but unless you took a test, you don't know if you have it or not. Just because you don't have symptoms. And just because you're not sick right now does not mean that you don't carry it. And that doesn't mean that you can't make me sick or someone else sick. So you were in a weird time right now, So if I don't want to stand close to you. Just take it as that's what it is. Don't get offended and don't try toe be so you know, be this macho dudes and how you're not sick when you don't know that I don't know that. I don't know that I'm not, You know, we don't know anything. So the only thing we could do is be safe. So don't be macho me and see these people out here in the parks all grouped together. And I mean, the thing is, don't be don't have more than 10 people in the group. And I understand people want to get outside. I understand you want to live your life. It's crazy out there. I get it. But if this is the only thing we can do to battle this, let's do it. I mean, people are dying. Yes, they're not. Humongous numbers wears like millions of millions of people are dying. But right now, this is the only thing that we can do in our I have my thoughts about this. If you can listen to the last episode how I feel about how we're handling handling it. But where we are right now is there are people that are scared. There are people that are worried. And the thing is, they want us to stay at least six feet away from each other and don't be in groups of 10 like, it shouldn't be hard to do. And because we aren't getting tested and because we don't know, we feel just because we are okay, that yeah, I could go to the parking I could touch this year. I can call some lady was coughing all over stuff and I'm looking at her. Like what? Excuse me? And she was like, Oh, I have Sinuses. I don't care that you have Sinuses. She's like, Yeah, but I don't have it. I just have Sinuses. I was like, Do you know that for sure, though you can't tell me, you know that for sure, Then cover your mouth like that is common sense that is common, says Look, I don't want known to another rant. That's not what I meant to do. But I will just say be more mindful where you are. Don't spazz out on these people just because they don't want to be next to you or because you feel like they're ridiculous. Because they're wearing face, mask or gloves or whatever. We're just in a very weird time. So just do what you're doing. If you wanted not wear gloves or face mask or not, be close to people. You do that in the comfort of your own own home. Go hug upon your kids or your wife or your neighbor. Whatever somebody that wants you around. I don't want you next to me. It didn't matter if it was Corona virus or not. I try to keep a three foot distance away from all people most of the time unless I know them. So I don't want you next to me anyway. So that's that on that? All right. For my number two, I'm gonna do something different. So normally, obviously, I count down 3 to 1. Um, I just thought about it right now. I'm just going to merge my two and one together because so I had anniversary March tip, I believe, was my one year anniversary. You know, I had talked about the show before that that I kind of want to do something to celebrate. And, um, just do something, you know, to corroborate Karima rate, commemorate the time and you know, Hey, Rhona showed up and things started getting really pretty quickly, and I totally it slipped my mind. I ended up doing a show right after that, right after my anniversary. Just, you know, a regular show where I talked about my feelings on everything, and I just completely forget about my anniversary show. So what I want to take time out right now is to kind of just say thank you to those. And I know what kind of say thank you. Almost every show for those that support me and listening all that stuff. But I kind of wanted to go a little bit more in depth in my thank you's and just shout some people out, shot out Some of my friends shot out some of my pocket fellow podcasters that are out there that I've met and we kind of, like, have back and forth on social media and we support each other and things like that. So I just want to take the time out. Teoh do that right now, somewhat two and one are going to be together, so it's gonna be a little different than what I usually do. But, you know, hey, where this is a different time and I just want to get these things out. So, um, I wanted to kind of start off. I think in some of my friends people that I know personally that I talked to kind of on a regular basis, Just people that helped me in the very beginning before even started this podcast. People never kind of in my corner so shot out. And I know she's listening cause she listens every single week. Shout out to Lex. You know who you are out there. Thank you so much for your support. Like when I first started, If I didn't have an episode out like on time, like I tried to do this like every two weeks. In the beginning, I was kind of falling off, and it would be some weeks before I put things out and she would be the one that comes to me and says, You know, a Whenever I'm going to get that new episode and you know, of course I'll find some kind of excuse and why I couldn't. But she was definitely a motivator, Um, and keeping me on track and not like in a pushy way was just like I want to hear what you have to say in blubber Blonde. So she listens all the time every week. Still shout out to you, Lex, thank you so much. Also, I'm going to give a shout out to Nicole The music that you hear my intro and Outro is something that Nicole produced for me again. I was talking to her before I started a podcast, and at the time she was doing music. She's a producer and she was I was just saying, I don't know what I'm going to do with this show. Like, I don't know how I'm going to set it up. And she just said that you have music and I said no. So she was like, OK, hold on. And like a day later, she like, I sent you something. I checked it and it was two different files of music or whatever. And so she did that out of the kindness of our heart. She just said, I just wanted to create this for you, so use it if you want. You don't have to, but I've used it now. She doesn't have I forget what her professional producing name is, But I know I think she's taking a break from doing music. She works in county youth ministry and stuff, so I think she's been concentrating on the on concentrating on that. But I still want to shout, Shout her out! Oh my God, I can't speak. Shout her out for blessing me with this music that I have that she just went off the dome and creative for me. So I shot out to you, Nicole. Also, she was a major motivator again for me when I first started. So I've talked about like how I was talking to my therapist during the start of this podcast, and she kind of just made me go ahead and posted and get started with it. And Nicole was definitely one of my accountability partners that my therapist suggested that I have again somebody who's not pushy, but it is just there to like, pretty much hold me to what I say. I'm going to dio and you know, she would try to help me come up with ideas when I first get started and you know, just talking to me, trying to motivate me and congratulated me on first episodes that I put out and things like that. So shout out to you, Nicole. Shut out licks. Also, I have new artwork. My artwork is out again from another friend who just surprised me and said, Hey, I want to do this for you, for your anniversary, to celebrate your one year. So she made my artwork, Whitney, who is not even from this country. So she's just someone that I met online through other avenues. But she definitely is a support system for me. So she did that for me again, out of the kindness of our hearts. So thank you Whit for hooking me up with that artwork. I love it and another friend, ShaRelle, even though she gives me a hard time and I hope she was listening to this episode. She gives me a hard time all the time. But when it really counts, she is there to help and support me. So, ShaRelle, thank you so much for our your all your the tough times that you give me the hard times that you give me but also for your support cause you know, it's definitely needed and appreciated so thank you for that. Then I just want to give a shout out to some of the podcasters that I've met over the course of of Ah, I don't know. It's been what, a couple of months now that I don't even know how it gets started. There was some kind of thread that they wanted to shut out. I guess it hasn't been a couple of months. I think this happened in February where they want to shout out black podcasters. And I want to say I believe the first person that tag me was Tambura. And tomorrow, Don, who is a podcaster? She's the host of tomorrow to the break of Dawn. I am going to put their everyone that I name. That's a podcaster. I'm gonna put their, um, a link to their show in my show notes. So please check them out. But, Tamara tag me in this thread of black podcasters, and from that I'm it. I was introduced to so many other podcasters I didn't even know. I didn't realize we had these many podcasts out. And for them to be hosted, created, produced and everything by, you know, other people of color was pretty dope. So I kind of have, like, a back and forth conversation with a few of these people. So we kind of have a pretty cool little network. And I just want to shut out Tamara for finding me. I don't even know how we became how we started finding each other. But we did. And she put my name out there. And then I started talking to other people. So thank you, Tamara, for always. Whenever I released a an episode when she listened, she tags me and tweets it out because I'm only on Twitter. I mean, I'm on Instagram as well, but I don't have Facebook or anything like that. But whenever she's on Twitter, she will post it. And if she can, she'll post things on Instagram. But it's just kind of like a mutual kind of back and forth thing we have. I try to, you know, Retweet and posed her episodes when she releases them in things as well. But thank you, Tamar, for being such a good support for me on the protest side. I really appreciate it because we can use each other. You know, I don't have a whole lot of listeners, and I do a crappy job of promoting my promoting myself. So any little bit of help that I can get, I really appreciate it. So thank you for that. Also, shout out to Mr Country Boi from the cut podcast. He's another one that is always interacting with me and will also retweeted things like Then try to help me promote my shell. So shut out to him. Also, Mr Mike, from the off the record podcast again, just another colleague that's out there who again will Retweet, or if I have a new episode coming out, he make sure he tweets it so his his followers can see it and things like that. Autumn the Aires From the lit life podcasts We talk back and forth on Twitter a lot, especially lately. She has a program that I believe is called Run for your Life, and it's for Spring 2020 and especially now, more than ever. Obviously I work out or I don't know if you guys know this. I've talked about it, but I try to work out at least at least twice a week, just something that cannot break up to kind of break up the monotony of just my everyday boring life. And obviously with everything going on right now, the gym's air closed. And so, for a little bit, I had gotten like, out of, you know, working out somebody. Well, the gym is closed. I can finally sleep in because I made it a point to, like, wake up early to go to the 7 30 class just so I can get up out of bed and feel like I'm doing something that day and come back. And I'll have, like, a couple of things that I have to do and stuff before I just relax for the rest of rest of the day. So I didn't feel like I wasted my day. And with the gym being close, I kind of felt myself starting to, like, slump into just not doing anything again. And so, luckily, my gym post their workouts on YouTube every day, so there's a workout to do every single day. And then I had seen her post in her workouts, and I'm talking about autumn, her posting her workouts on Twitter and on Instagram, and then Tamra was also posting her workouts and tagging autumns, So I just decided to jump in and I'm using her. She did. Probably doesn't know this. I'm using her as my accountability partner. So whenever I work out, I try to tag her just to, like, get my mind frame like Opie Got a workout. Today is my off day. Let me go ahead and do what I need to do and tag autumn or, you know, do whatever. So she's been a help, even though she probably doesn't know she's been a help. But definitely check out her site. Check her out, listen to her podcast, But again, she's doing this room for your life. Spring 20 twenties, just They work out, and I know I just went all around what I was talking about, but she has this workout kind of planned. Just keep people active and kind of some exercises and things or a program that you could do. They work out every day. Now I do not work out every day I work at work and I work out at work. I feel so I tried to. I don't work out as much as I probably need to, but I do. My I do work out on my off days. So that's Autumn Cell Shut out to you Autumn and another one is the host of the not perfect just broke podcasts. Her name is VV, and we just have a report online. She is so funny. If you have not heard her podcast to me, she cracks me up. She just takes like it doesn't matter what she's talking about, whatever it is just the waste that she explains things in her thought process behind Things is so funny. So I love listening to her podcast. It just I love laughing, so anybody that I can kind of it kind of takes my mind off things and I can laugh. I like to listen to us are she's pretty dope. And again, it's somebody that we just have conversations back and forth online that we interact. So I just want to give a shot. All that is not everybody. That's just people off the top of my head that I can think of. So if I missed anybody, I definitely will catch you on the next episode because I'm just I didn't make notes. I probably should have, but I'm just going off the top of my head right now. Those are the people that I most recently spoke to when things like that. So that's why it's in my head. But definitely check out their podcast. I have. I will have them in the show notes. So it's pretty much a large gambit of different things. VV talks about different subjects, and it's funny. Tamara. It really talks about a lot of life lessons and things that she's going through, and it's kind of like informative. But it's also kind of like inspirational. The cut and off the record is kind of like it's just a bunch of guys that the cut is kind of like a barber shop theme of what they say. So I was like, What with the guys talk about sitting in a barbershop. Also off the records. Four guys that talk about, you know, there life, situations and things that they go through, and it's from a male perspective. So it's pretty good to listen to that Lit life is just what it says. Let life some. She's always doing something. She's so funny. She has a lot of guests on their autumn, so I mean just check them out. I'll continue to to promote my other fellow podcasters and things like that. And, um so thank you, guys. Thank you, guys for accepting me into your into this little network. And I you know, I appreciate the camaraderie that we guys have so shout out to you guys. And lastly, I want to give a shout out to my listeners. And I've said this before. I really appreciate all the listeners that I have had over the course of a year in a few weeks now. Um, but this, like, I did not expect the listenership that I have. And again, like I've said before, my my numbers aren't huge, but the fact that I have people listening and I just want to shout out I'm not going to call out all the cities. But over the course of the time that I've been on air, I've had different countries, people from different countries listening, and so I just want to shut out these countries because it still blows my mind. So obviously the US listens to me heavy, so thank you. Um but I have Norway, Japan, United Kingdom, Philippines, New Zealand, Italy's and Bob way Sweeting and Sweden, Indonesia, Canada, Uganda, Mexico, Germany, France, Northern Mariana Islands, India, Spain, Taiwan, Australia, Australia, Zambia, Swaziland, Ghana, Estonia, Columbia, Guam and Fiji. That just blows my mind that I just something that I just came up with at the top of the top of my head just to do something. That it's made it that far around the world is crazy to me, and I do want to give a shout out to now. I don't know if I know this person or not. This person is not Results revealed themselves to me. But whoever is in Mountain View, California I have to shout you out cause this person has listened to every single episode I've had faithfully every week. I do not know who this person is again. It might be somebody I know. Maybe not, but shout out to you so whoever it is, one person or two people, whoever it is, they're shout out to you guys for supporting me because I think that's pretty dope that, you know, I can check in. I see my numbers and things like that, but to see, like some of the same cities, continuously listening and you know, even before, like whoever these people are, this person is like, soon as I post a show before I even promote it like I'll go back on there and this one safe is one. Listen, is always that person or those people or whatever If I have a couple of listens, So shout out to to you guys again. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for all your support and everything that you guys give to me. So, um, can I hope you continue to listen? I hope I give you content that you guys continue to want to check into and listen to, um again. I have things that I want to like, not improve, But I want to do some different things with show. I have some ideas coming up so hopefully I can start implementing those into the show. But I also have some other things, some other projects and I'm working on. So as soon as I get those things going, I'm definitely going to tell you guys about that so you can help me support that that project is well. But, you know, that's all I have this week. I just wanted to take the time to, like formally, thank everybody for all their support and things like that. And, you know, it is crazy that it's happening during this time. It's just I was just thinking like it's not a whole lot of news like I feel like is super important right now. And I don't want to keep talking about, like, Corona virus and things like that. And that's another thing. I I know I'm jumping around, but that's another thing. I've seen people that's like posting like, Is there any podcasters not talking about Corona virus like I'm so sick of talking about it? And the thing is that, um, this is what's happening right now. Like I get it, I get that you want it and escape, and you don't want to keep being beat over the head with this. This thing that's happening and you do want to, like, tune in and have someone tell you about something else. So there's different kind of pie cast out there just podcasts about different shows. There's podcast about murder mysteries. There's podcasts about science, different things that can kind of take you away from like, what's happening right now, But most of these podcast, at least the ones I listen to, are like really life life lessons, type of podcast. And it's just people speaking their mind, and this is what's happening. So it's gonna happen. I do understand cause when Kobe passed away, I felt like everybody was talking about it. I did not want to listen to everything because it was a sensitive subject to me. So I understand that Corona and its effects and things that's happening right now is just something that can be overwhelming. So you don't want to listen to everyone talk about it but, like, give us a little leeway, understand that some, maybe some of the podcast or you're talking about are just speaking from the heart, and they're going to talk about their experiences and they're going to talk about how they feel. So I mean, it's fine. If you don't want to listen to the episode, I get it. But just cut some people some slack because it is. What everyone is talking about is what's on the news all day on Loch, you know, all day long, and it just doesn't seem like a lot of other things are as important as that. So maybe someone more frivolous things that maybe we would talk about. It's just not in the forefront right now. Doesn't mean that we're not going to talk about it. But it's just always, say, just cut some people some slack. So that's all I have for this week again. Thank you for tuning in. And, um, go listen to the people that I named and I know there's more and I'm just thinking about him right now that I forget to mention. But I will catch them on the next episode cause I've talked too much now. But go listen to those people. Give him a chance and thank you for hanging with me. So until next time I'll talk to you guys later, Peace