Absolutely LOVE this.

The concept of intertwining 3 current events and 3 song picks at the end is so clever to me. Definitely subscribed and will be tuned in.

The format of this show is great, host JBoog picks three topics and gives her opinion on each. What makes the show work is her opinions are not just for shock value, they are thought through and thought provoking as well. The topics vary so you never feel like you are being lectured, you feel part of the conversation and the thought process. Really enjoy this one and suggest you subscribe!

Rockin with the best

Love the concept, Love the host, always a fun listen even if you’re not familiar with the topic, that’s a sign of good connection. Thumbs up, sub up!

One of the best!

Dope host, dope concept, dope content, dope everything!

I've said so many times how much I love the format of this show. J "Boogie" gets straight to the point with her Quick 3, but also provides great dialogue around all of them. You will truly enjoy this podcast!

Dope concept

I’m love the way that you basically have 3 different topics in each episode. I also like that way that you keep it raw and uncut. Keep doing your thing ✌🏽

One of the best

Really like listening to J's Quick 3. She breaks down interesting topics and has some pretty good guests too! Check it out!

Hear My Call

My fav episode so far🤩❤️🤩


I could tell what you’re discussing is something your interested in. It’s like my bestie called me about something juicy. I was all in. Your voice totally had me caught up! Really enjoy listening

Great show!

I listened to episode 20. I was so engrossed in each topic she discussed, and I like that she makes it all flow really nicely so it doesn’t feel choppy. She’s also funny, which I enjoyed. Looking forward to listening to more episodes!

J’s Quick 3

Been listening since the beginning and each week is something new and fresh, she keeps me up to date with all the craziness going on and actually has a soothing voice!(: Will forever be a fan!

One of the best shows on the market

She keeps it real but also brings you information like a true professional! You will be all in once you listen especially when it is a topic you can identify with.