April 18, 2020

Just Winging It!

Just Winging It!

It was a struggle but I got something together! lol

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Hey, yo, what's up, everybody? It's your girl, J. And it's time for another edition of Jay's Quick three. I hope everyone out there is staying safe, as possible and you guys are doing OK, me myself. I've been I've been on a struggle bus this week, so I think I'm going to talk about that a little bit. So if you're ready to get started, let's go. So let me tell you, I've I've recorded this episode or versions of this episode I don't know a few times now because nothing has, like, stuck like nothing. Seemed like it made a bunch of sense because I was just talking. So, you know, if this episode is a little bit wonky or whatever kind of all over place, bear with me, you know, we're in a pen pandemic. I'm trying to do my best here, Um, especially after the kind of mental, challenging week I had this past week. So cut your girl a break. Okay, here we go. We're gonna go ahead and jump into number three. Also, I don't know what's going on. I was fine 30 minutes ago, but now is like my allergies are trying to act up again. So there's a lot of clearing of my throat, and my voice may go in and out so. Just letting you guys know if you hear it. I'm fine. I just have allergies. All right. So number three kind of just want to talk about where I am and what what's kind of been going on with me as far as my challenges this week.  Um, I've said before I've worked in retail. I've worked, I am working in retail and, you know, it's one of these essential businesses that they talk about. But I've been really frustrated this week because, I don't know. I guess it's just taken its toll on me. I just don't feel without going into super detail. I just don't feel like my company is keeping our best interests in heart, at heart. I think that they're more thinking about how they can keep the company afloat than they are in protecting us, and I get it. I understand that business is cutthroat, like if you're not making money, you're not in business. So I get the probably CEOs, executive teams kind of have to take their personal feelings out of it. and make the best decision for their business. I understand that I went to went to business school and I get that's how that works. But I just think there's a different way they could go about it. I feel like if you're telling us in, you know, e mails and videos and things like that, how much you appreciate us and you know, you you you're thanking us every day for what we're doing and things like that. But the actions that actually happening don't show that, you know, So like I say without going into too much detail, it's just it just doesn't seem right. It seems fake, and it's not genuine. And it doesn't make me want to continue to go to work and put my health in jeopardy for a company that  just wants to make money like, I don't know how much money we're making. I don't know if we had an abundance of money, understand that for a corporation, it may be hard to have to say just we're gonna know, lay everyone off or we're gonna put everybody furlough or whatever, but we're gonna pay them this amount of money or we're gonna offer this or we're going to pay them more money as they work and things like that. I understand that those are hard things to cover if you don't have a surplus of money. So I don't know if my company has a surplus of money or not, I don't know, but I would just I wish there was a little bit more transparency when it comes to telling at least us leaders, and I know that they want to keep certain things private, and I don't want everyone to know what what moves they're making. But at least tell us because I just feel like we're in the dark, just like the associates are. And I'm going to work because I have to. I'm going to work because I have a mortgage I have to pay. I have bills I have to pay, and thank goodness that I've talked to my mortgage company and they have like a Covid program where if you're laid off with your reduced hours or whatever and you can't fully make your payments that they're working with you and you have three months to a year to catch up or whatever, so I think that's dope. My car company has the same thing going on. So I guess I feel a little bit more relieved in that that, um my major bills, I kind of have, like, a parachute a little bit with that. But the fact still remains. I don't want, like, I don't make tons and tons of money to where I can pay three or four months worth of my mortgage right up front when the time comes, or I don't make a whole bunch where I can pay what my monthly bill is. Plus half of what, what I owe whatever. Like I can't afford to have like a giant balloon payment of my mortgage for three or four months in a row. So I'm trying to just keep paying like normal. In order to do that, I have to be working. So I'm working because of that. I like I've said before, I have enough time that I spent with the company that I have vacation. I have sick time. I have PTO, so I could I could take off 4 to 6 weeks and still be in good shape, but also don't want to use all that up right now because I don't know what's gonna happen down the line in the future where I might actually have to need to use that sick time or vacation time, the supplement pay or something like that. So I don't want to do that right now. So I'm stuck in a dilemma, which is why its frustrating, because I wish I didn't have to do that. I wish I didn't have to work and my heart goes out to those people that have been laid off that they don't know how they're going to pay their job er, pay their bills and things like that. So I understand that I'm not in a group of people that just have it bad. So I probably shouldn't be Shouldn't, um, feel I have to know that I'm privileged in that in that way. So I don't want this to come off like Whoa is me. When there's people that are suffering way more than me, I understand that. So, I guess, that's that's another thing. I kind of I deal with this kind of guilty for feeling a certain way, but also having deal with just feeling that way, period. So it's just all been confusing this week and I don't have the answers. No one has the answers, and I've just been feeling really, like, not myself and just mentally drained because I just go to work, do my thing. My schedule is early mornings all the time because I requested that. So I'm not around a bunch of people. But that takes its toll on you. Because I was supposed to be on vacation this week, I decided to work half the vacation cause I don't want to use the time cause I'm not going anywhere and then take like, this weekend off. So that caused me to have to work several days in a row without having a day in between the break or whatever. So that's kind of been draining on me, too. So I've been in a weird space, and I try to not, dwell on it or thinking to think about it too much. But it's just put me in a kind of off off space or whatever. And so I'm glad I have this time these next four days to just sit back and relax and do nothing and not have to leave my house. But Because of that, this episode is late. Usually I try to come out, have these out by Friday. It's now Saturday. Obviously, nothing's out because I'm recording right now, but I just didn't feel like it. I had all these ideas and I sat down and I did a couple of episodes, but they didn't feel right. I wasn't in the mood, so it didn't happen. So I was kind of getting on myself about that because I'm like only thing you're doing is going to work and coming home like you should have time to do this. But I just had to, like, throw it all out. Just throw it out, sit back like if you'll watched A Different World before, the therapist told Whitley to relax, relate, release. That's what I had to do. Relax, relate, release. Take my mind off of every ding, everything. Don't think about anything. Watch a movie, watch some TV, listen to a podcast, whatever I need to do to kind of just, like take myself out of what I was thinking about and dwelling on and, um, kind of reset. So that's where I am today. I've reset. I worked out this morning took a three mile walk. Um, I did that by myself, Alone without anybody. I My neighborhood is still being developed, so there's sev, several streets that don't have houses on it. It's just paved road and only have sidewalks. So I take that route and I walk up and down those streets and, you know, make a big circle. And I'm just by myself listening to my music and being as safe as I can. And I did that. I come back home, do some AB workouts, and then I put on some Anita Baker that just got me feeling good and take my shower, ate my breakfast, felt fed my dogs. And then I started recording. So I'm in a really good space today. I'm feeling good. I'm relaxed. Working out always does that for me. So I need to do that, cause also, I hadn't worked out in probably four or five days, so that probably didn't help my mood. But I'm here. I'm back. I'm feeling good. And so I hope the next he's next. Like I say, four days really helped me to reset and I get my mind right. And then, you know hit back into work next week. So that's all I have on that, Now my number two. So my number two this week is something else that I've been kind of dealing with a little bit, and it is talking to my family a lot. And of course, in this climate in this time, like a lot of people want to make sure everyone safe and you can't necessarily see anybody. So they're doing a lot of face time or a lot of zoom or whatever program you use. And so my grandmother is living in a assisted living program, house housing, and obviously no one can see her while she lives in Michigan, so I couldn't see her anyway, But they can't have visitors and things like that. My grandmother is also going through dementia, so she would normally get visitors every day because it's just familiar to her to have some of these people that have been in her lives, comes here like a lot of her charge, friends and stuff. But obviously you can't do that now, so she is not having the best time right now. Well, the nurses found a way to like for everyone kind of communicate with the people that live there. So they're doing What is it called? Google Hangouts. And so my mom and my dad and my sister and um, wanted me to get this program which the hangouts didn't work. But we got the Google duo, and so I have ah, Samsung phone. So I have Google Duo anyway, but we're using at the communicate and see my grandmother actually gonna have, um we're going to do that on Monday when all of us are going to get to see her and talk to her. But besides that, it's just really weird because, um, I don't talk to my family super often, and we have a good relationship, but we're just not close, if that makes sense. So I know there are people that talked to their moms every day, every hour on the hour, um, and their sisters and things like that. I just don't and you know, for me to talk about the history and everything like that, that would be a whole other show, and I just do not have time to go into that right now. But the bottom line is, we're good. We're just not that were not that family where we talk all the time, but it's been weird because because of this thing going on, we are talking way more often than we normally do. Since they have this. They all have the Google duo, which is pretty much face time for people that don't have iPhones. So I mean, I'm the only one who doesn't have iPhone, my mom and sister and everybody else that they all have. I phones, so they do face time. But my sister also lives not in the same city, but I think she's like 30 minutes away from them. They live in Arizona. So my sister, if she's not over there, she's talking to them or, you know, they facetime and stuff like that all the time, and I'm the one that doesn't I live in Texas and I just we just don't talk that much. But now they're like face timing me like almost every other day, which is a weird feeling, and I don't know why it's so weird. Maybe because I don't I'm not used to doing it, but it's just it's just, um it's just weird to me. Just another thing. That's kind of like throwing off. I don't know my vibes, like I'm happy to see them and talk to them, but it's just something that's not a natural thing that we normally do and if my mom is it face timing me and my sister is and is happening like every other day. And somehow I don't even know how this happened. But I guess when you get the app somehow it sends it to your contacts that you have the app So my biological dad got the message. And so he texted me and said, Oh, hey, I see you try to to, uh, send me a message or talk to me on this Google duo. He's like I downloaded it, but I don't know how to work it, But you can call me And I was like, thinking to myself, like I didn't I didn't try to call him. I don't know what he's talking about, but I did tell him, like I guess that was an automatic, you know, automated message, my bad. But, hey, if you want to, I can talk to you. Whatever. Just let me know what day you're available and we can do that again. The whole biological dad. That's another story that might want to get into later. But I don't really talk to him at all. Every now and then we'll talk. So it's just a lot coming at me that I'm really not used to like. I love my family. I do. I don't have a relationship with my biological dad. It's just very, very light, very vague. But as far as my mom, my dad, my dad is my step dad, but he's been my my dad, and he's been the man in my life since I was four years old. So he is my dad. So my mom, my dad, my sister, um, love talking to them. We had, like, a little family face time yesterday, which was hilarious, but it's fun. It's just weird, and it just I don't know how to take it. And I don't know of many of you have a situation like that to where it is weird for you. Maybe not. Maybe I'm just the lone person that just doesn't have that that like my family is my best friend Type of thing. We were together were cool when we're apart. We're cool. It's just we just don't have that tight knit relationship. So talking to them every day is good, but it just puts me in a different space than I'm used to, so I don't know. We'll see how this goes. Um, if anything, hopefully it'll bring us closer. But I don't know. It's just, like my look. My mom is trying to call me right now, and it's about nothing like she doesn't need anything. It's just she likes to be on this thing, So let me I'll call her back. But it's things like that, like normally, because I don't talk to them that much. If I got a call, especially out of the blue, it would make me scared because I was I would think that they're calling me because someone sick or someone passed away or things like that. So maybe that's a feeling that I get every time they call me. I'm thinking, Oh, something's gonna be wrong because I'm not used to talking to them often. So this is just something I'm dealing with. I'll get over it soon. I know it. So that's all I have about that now My number one this week is something that makes me happy. Something that I really needed this week after just all the little mental stuff that I've been through is my girls, Chloe x Halle. And if you follow me on Twitter, if you have a muted me by now you know that I've been tweeting up a storm about Chloe x Halle releasing their new song called Catch Up featuring Swae Lee. And it is, I don't know, it's a little different than what I'm used to hearing from the from them, but I understand that the thing with them, they're not, uh someone, you can put it in a box. And I talked about that before in one of my episodes that I did, dedicating just to them. You can't really put them in a box and say there this type of artists or that type of artist they usually usually try to, um, or at least it seems like they kind of march to the beat of their own drum, and whatever they feel like doing is what they do. If they want to do an RB track, they'll do that if they want to do a dance track they'll do that if they want to do something we've never heard before. They'll do that. So I think as they grow, they get influences from, you know, different types of music that they listen to and like, This definitely seems like it seems like a really good radio hit. I think if it continues to pick up steam, it can definitely be a song that you hear this summer all over the airwaves. I think it has potential to do really big numbers, and I'm very proud of them and happy for them, because I feel like they've been in the game a long time since 2016. And if you've never heard me talk about this, I don't know which episode you you've listened to because I have talked about this a number of times. But you know, they write most of all their music. They produce most of their music. They learned how to play instruments themselves. They arrange their own music. They executive produced their own music and their first album, They actually recorded most of it just in their living room and, you know, take it somewhere to get mixed and things like that. But they're like super creative. They were doing this at 13 and 14 years old. I started writing songs at eight. So to see their progression of just how far they've come, like they've kind of proven, at least to us fans of them that they could do these things by themselves. And now they're starting to branch out to work with other producers and other writers and things like that, and I feel like it just elevates them. So it's pretty cool to see them kind of branch out and do something different that that we haven't heard from them, and you can also get to see them growing like they're in their twenties now. They're not these little kids anymore. So it's a little weird to see them because I just see them as like my little sister's my little baby sisters and not like growing women. So it was a little weird for me to like, Listen to Chloe say curse words and things like that. But like the girls grown, she could do what she wants to. But I really like the song. If you have not heard it, it's on all your streaming platform. Spotify,Apple music, Google play, its on, the videos on YouTube. Amazon,. Wherever they play music, you can find it is called Catch Up, featuring Swae Lee. Super Good song. I Wish it was a little bit longer, but they debuted this song on Thursday night going into Friday. So they have these this thing called Thursday Tea Time, and it is in conjunction with Promo for their brand new album called Ungodly Hour, which is not out yet. But they do this tea time where they talk about different things. Um, and then they ask people to ask them questions or if they need it. You know, if people need advice off of anything, and they also invite people to come on their live and share their stories as well. So it's a pretty fun thing to watch, and they do this at well, for me, it would be it's like 10 o'clock. My time, believe is 11 oclock on the East Coast and eight oclock on the West Coast. And I feel like they do this late because after tea, time is over. Then midnight hits and everyone knows Friday night or Friday morning. 12 a.m. New music drops and so We kind of just flows into that. Now. They hadn't. They've done this twice already. So the first week it was just them talking or whatever. This week they dropped a song. So I'm assuming if they keep this up, we might get like new songs, every tea time or hints about new songs. We'll get little snippets on what's on their album will get videos and eventually will get the album. So I think that's pretty dope. How they're doing it. A nice marketing tool because you know, most people don't have a lot going on they're at home, and they need a break from just everything going on. So this is a cool thing to do, and you have an audience that's there and that's listening. So I think it's a smart thing that they're doing to. I kind of have this this tea time in conjunction with being able to maybe drop music or videos right at midnight, or it'll be 11 for me. But I think it's dope and to piggyback on that, another dull thing that's happening. Another one of my favorite artist H.E.R. She does this girls with guitars every Monday and what she does is she picks a few people either that she knows or she is inspired by, or just artists that she wants to spotlight that also played guitar. Hence girls with guitars and they just chop it up. They talk about music. They talk about things that they're doing. They'll jam out a little bit, sing some songs together and stuff like that. It's pretty dope to see She's had Tori Kelly on their Alysia. Kara Thira Thomas. She's had some international artist that I've never heard of, but just listening to them, saying with her on their made me, you know, makes me want to go look him up and things like that. So I think it's pretty dope that that's just another thing that kind of takes us away from what's happening in our lives right at this moment and kind of puts our attention to somewhere else. Another dope thing that she's doing with that, though, is she's teamed up with Amazon music, and for every view that she gets on these lives with her girls with guitars. Amazon music will donate that amount of money to a I don't know if it's a foundational organization, but it helps with Cove it relief, and it also helps with music music programs. So because her is working with the organization called Music Cares as well. And so let's say if she gets 5000 views that Monday that particular Monday, then Amazon Music will donate $5000 to that that foundation or that fund. And I think that's pretty cool. Why not take your platform and not only take us away for a little bit, but you're getting someone to donate money that goes so really good calls. And I think that's pretty. That's pretty dope her. It's just a dope artists all together like Not only is she talented, she's just to me like I've said before, she's just like kind of Chloe x Halle, whereas like they learned these instruments, they write their own music, they produce and things like that. But her worked with a lot of organizations to give back, and I don't know if you guys heard about this, but recently because obviously nobody can tour. Nobody's doing anything. She ended up giving her her team, I think three months worth of pay to kind of help them along, so her background singers, her band, people that you know works with her tight knit. She just gave them money to just say, I know it's tough right now. You can't make money right now. So here's something from me that's a dope that is just that's pretty awesome. The girls what, 22 years old, like 1 22 year old, Things like that. She's such old soul, and she's so talented. And that just makes me really love her even more. Because when you find out that the artists that you really like is actually really good people to like, it just makes me feel good. It makes me happy that I support her music. So and again, we, Chloe x Halle haven't met them and can see the kind of people they are, at least you know, while they're out again. I don't see any of these people just at home or whatever, but they say my very good souls and very good people as well. And, you know, it just makes me feel even better to like I said, support them and promote their music. And that's why I talk about them so much because I really feel like people like Chloe x Halle and H.E.R. and other artists. They deserve to, especially the ones that are kind of like in their own box. And they're not trying to be anything else but what they are. They deserve to get some shine, too. And it's all good, too. Have something trendy and do something that that's along with everyone else. And that's cool. No, not to that, but for you to kind of be off by yourself and do your thing and still get recognition and still be successful. I think that's dopes are always want to do my part and, you know, given these people some shine and maybe people that haven't heard of them before or listen to them will listen to me, talk about them and go give him a listening, you know, also maybe end up supporting him and things like that, so that made me feel good. I feel a lot better today, Um, just dealing with everything this week. I think the workout and just the relaxation and not being at work and things like that kind of helped me out. So that's all I have this week. Thank you guys for listening to my thoughts because I know they were all over the place. This probably wasn't like one of my normal episodes. But look, as I said before, I'm doing the best I can right now. So thank you guys for listening. And, um, another thing, the audio. I don't know if the audio is good or bad or what's going on out here. It when I listen back to it, but I'm trying something new. So hopefully the audio you can tell. Maybe it's a little bit better, hopefully but, um hit me up. Let me know what you guys think. I love to hear feedback from you guys just on anything. If you're listening to me on Apple music, go ahead and give me those five stars and leave me a review because I love to get them. I love to get feedback. You can always hit me in my dams. All my information can be found on Jay's quick three dot bus sprout dot com. I have my social media leaks there. I have links the other plant forms that you can find me on or you can listen to me right there on that site. My emails also owned here, but, um, hit me up. Let me know if you want to tell me your feedback and private, that's dope too. So I'm here again. Thank you guys for listening. Appreciate you hanging out with me and I will talk to you guys later. Peace.